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Technology is something that everybody needs regardless of their age, gender, lifestyle or geographic location. Too often people are paired with technology that does not suit their needs or that they are unable to use effectively. Olitech's Easy Mate+ offers an effective solution for those looking to connect with others and enhance their personal safety.



The Easy Mate+ features a dedicated SOS/Emergency button. When the SOS button is activated, an emergency sequence will commence which includes a local alarm, a phone call and text message* to the pre-programmed emergency contacts. 



The Easy Mate+ has a purpose designed keypad. It features buttons that can be easily located by sight OR touch, a large LCD screen, amplified speaker, voice output keypad and easily connecting cradle charger.


Simple and practical software designed in response to customer feedback. The Easy Mate+ features classic ringtones, dedicated keys to access hands free mode,  phonebook and lock, step by step set up guide and much more. The most user friendly, easy to use mobile phone on the market.

Australia's no. 1 rated seniors phone

Perfect for seniors

I made an inquiry which was responded to very quickly with the answers I was looking for eg - I ordered the phone the next morning and within 2 days it was delivered and my husband was able to use it - clear instructions, easy to use - PERFECT piece of technology for those not so technology-minded. Many thanks Olitech.


Product Review

Olitech Easy Mate Phone

This is a very good phone in every respect; it's well made, easy to use, long life battery & simple to charge. I bought this for my older brother who has an intellectual disability and it gives me peace of mind knowing we can keep in touch whenever we need to!



eBay Customer Review

EasyMate+ Phone has been voted as best seniors phone in 2018.

Speed Dial

Up to 8 numbers can be saved as speed dial numbers.

Loud Tones

With amplified speakers, the EasyMate+ is louder than any other mobile phones.

Raised & Large Buttons

13mm by 8mm big and convex shaped buttons for enhanced tactile definition.

Long Battery Life

Up to 10 days stand by time and 4 hours talk time.

Direct Access Buttons

Single press access to phone book, menu, loud speaker, magnifier, call history and lock/unlock functions.

Talking Keypad

Loud and clear voice output when the buttons are pressed. The bonus is its Aussie accent too!

Hearing Aid Compatible

M4 & T4 level HAC compatibility.

Answering Modes

Customisable answering options; anykey, permanent loud speaker, removal from cradle etc.

unique features of the easymate+  

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Easy Mate+ Mobile Phone suitable for?

The Easy Mate+ mobile phone has been designed as an easy to use mobile phone.

It features buttons that can be easily located by sight or touch, a large LCD screen, amplified speakers, voice output keypad and an easily connecting cradle charger. As such, it offers greater accessibility to users who may have reduced sight, hearing or dexterity and is very popular within the aged population.

As it does not offer Internet connectivity, it can also be a great solution for children/adolescents as they can contact others by calling/messaging but not have the distraction of the Internet.

Is this phone suitable for a person with reduced vision?

The Easy Mate+ was developed in conjunction with Vision Australia and contains many features such as large, tactile buttons and “talking” keys that are beneficial for a person with reduced vision.

Is this phone suitable for a person with reduced hearing?

The Easy Mate+ offers amplified ringtones and speakers. This phone is also compatible with Bluetooth enabled hearing aids and has an M4/T4 compatibility rating.

How do I extend the ring length on my Easy Mate+?

The length of time the phone rings for is a setting determined by the telecommunications company who supplies the SIM card. There is a code you can input to the phone to increase the ring time; this code is specific to each telecommunications company. The required code can be found through completing an Internet search such as "How to increase ring time Telstra". Results should tell you the code you can input. An example of the instructions may be:


To extend the ring time, enter the following sequence on your mobile phone:

**61*101** (number of seconds: 15, 20, 25 or 30) #.

Then press the call/send button.

Is the Easy Mate+ locked to specific phone carriers?

No, the Easy Mate+ can be used with any mobile phone carrier in Australia and New Zealand. It can also be used in other countries however you would need to ensure the country supports the 3G mobile frequencies of 850, 900 and/or 2100.

What size SIM card can be used with the Easy Mate+?

The Easy Mate+ can be used with a standard size SIM card. If your SIM card is not standard size, please contact your mobile phone carrier to obtain an adapter.

For the full Easy Mate+ Frequently Asked Questions please click here.


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